Time Trip

This photo project is based on my own story

please read the text below photo

I am in unknown space

I don’t remember which line I chose , but i see steps in front of me

I am in underground

I see my friends but they are acting like strangers

I just realized that I’m not in my hometown

but I know that this is the place I belong and this is the way I must follow

It’s so close and doors are open too

but it has allready passd trough

why that happend ?

this two men will not answer me

I have a feeling that if I will ask him something he will run

I looked arround and my last metro station has just disappeard

and again

Berlin ??? what I am doing here ???

I decided to find the way out of here

but I did not found the right way

I decided to give up and just watch what is gonna happen

and here we go I am finally in carriage

She is my wife , but I have no idea what is she doing here she was sleeping when I left our flat

I just blinked my eyes and she was gone with this damn carriage

found escalator I must run outside

I am so close to freedom from this labyrinth

but what was she doing in carriage with me ???

I feel fresh rainy air outside, all myface is in cold sweat

I hear awful noise,my alarm clock is ringing 8:00 I have to go in my office

street traffics again,I will better take metro


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