About Maf Group

Information about organization

Maf Group

Zubalashvilebi st.4, Tbilisi, Georgia

+ 995 93 55 88 02



Information Legal Status
Non-governmental org.

Foundation of maf group
Summer 2008


• Office
• Studio
• Exhibitions and Workshops
• International collaboration

Main Philosophy

Mafgroup is the artistic union of innovative artists and professional photographers in Georgia. This is the first generation of artists who get the professional education in the field of photography – October 2001 CCCD established the Caucasian Institute of Photography and New Media in Tbilisi. The Institute was located in the Carvasla, but from March 2006 integrated in Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, with the name – Institute of Optical Imaging.

Maf Group is giving possibilities to promising young artists, to become the members of maf group.

Overview of Activities

Summer, 2006 Final Show, Exhibition – Carvasla

Summer, 2007 Final Show, Exhibition – Artistic Centre “Cumbo”

Summer, 2008 Final Show, Exhibition – Tbilisi State Academy of Arts

8 -18 October, 2009 International Art Exhibition Artisterium 2009 – “The
Manifest of Changes and an Inner Experience”– New
Art Café, Curators- Rusiko Oat, Khatuna Khabuliani
Tbilisi,Georgia – http://www.artisterium.org

Maf Group Members

Gaga (Levan) Kapanadze
Giorgi Makhniashvili
Giko Dadiani
Giorgi Khaburzania
Elichka Nadareishvili
Mtvarisa Joyce
Mari Davitashvili
Mari Nakani-Mamasakhlisi
Nata Kipiani
Natalia Glonti
Nino Alavidze
Keti Siamashvili

Maf Group Members have personal Invitations in the different
International Art Exhibitions:

Giko Dadiani – 2009 Transcaucasia 2009 Exhibition in Ujazdowski Castle (center of contemporary art) Warsaw, Poland Photoproject: “08.08.08″
Gaga Kapanadze – 2009 Личинки Будущего – Gallery MMOMA, 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow – http://artgals.info/afisha/details/2845-lichinki

Maf Group Consultant

Wato Tsereteli – photographer, curator, artist, founder of several art institutions (CCCD_ Caucasian center for Cultural Development, or Maf_Media Art farm, Institute of optical imaging at Academy of fine Art, artistic union – Cumbo Group) during the last ten years.

Maf Group support

Wato Tsereteli – photographer, curator, artist
Khatuna Khabuliani – art critic, art historian, media artist
Koka Ramishvili – artist
Rusiko Oat- art critic
Guram Tsibakhashvili – Photographer, Artist

Cumbo group
New art union
Art and Society
Nakani-Mamasakhlisi lab
House of Photography


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